Private Air Charter to Vanuatu

Air Charter to Vanuatu

Sitting 1750 km east of northern Australia is the Pacific Island Nation of Vanuatu. With the island experiencing tropical weather 9 months out of the year, it’s the perfect destination for those who love to enjoy hot and balmy weather. Not sure how to get there? It’s easy when you book a private air charter to Vanuatu with Global Jet. Fly in style so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to start your vacation.

Airports in Vanuatu

There are three main international airports in Vanuatu, which include Bauerfield, Pekoa and Whitegrass. Even though the island is small, the airports can easily handle aircraft of various sizes. Global Jet would be happy to fly you to Vanuatu via one of our private air charters to the airport of your choice.

Activities in Vanuatu

Once you arrive in Vanuatu, you’ll be met with lush green jungles and beautiful beaches that you can enjoy. For those who love swimming, water activities and playing in the sand, you won’t find a shortage of fun and charming activities to do while you’re on Vanuatu. You can visit the Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole, Champagne Beach, Mele Cascades, Matevulu Blue Hole, Port Olry Beach, Wet N Wild Adventure Park, Million Dollar Bay, and even the Underwater Post Office! Scuba is a very popular activity on Vanuatu, with plenty of spots to choose from.

If you’d rather spend most of your time on land instead of in the water, you can visit the Giant Banyan Tree, the Havannah Beach and Boat Club (to view the boats), The Secret Garden, Pele Island, the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, the Port Vila Markets, or Ekasup Village. Not to mention, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to explore on the island where you can taste and sip some of the local favourites.

Vanuatu is a destination where you can easily spend weeks exploring. Whether you’re taking an extended vacation there, or you’re on staying a few days, consider booking a private air charter with Global Jet to get you there. We fly to Vanuatu from anywhere Australia wide. With so much to do and see, Vanuatu is the perfect spot for a leisurely vacation.