Private Air Charter to Lord Howe

Air Charter to Lord Howe

When you think about the perfect vacation spot, you may picture crystal clear beaches, white sand and a place where you can explore activities and go on adventures. This perfect vacation spot exists and it’s called Lord Howe Island. What’s even better is that you can get to this wonderful vacation destination easily by booking a private air charter with Global Jet.

Lord Howe Airports

When traveling to Lord Howe, you’ll be landing at Lord Howe Island Airport. This airport serves both domestic and international flights. When you book your private air charter with Global Jet, we will fly you there from anywhere within Australia. This means you can leave the travel to us and start enjoying Lord Howe as soon as you land.

Activities in Lord Howe

While planning your trip, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the activities and attractions you want to see and do on Lord Howe. If you love the water, your first stop should be Ned’s Beach. It has beautiful white sand and you can see crystal clear waters all around you. Above Ned’s Beach are rugged cliffs that provide a sight to see of their own. Other beaches include Lagoon Beach, which is just as serene and relaxing.

To take in the ocean from above, visit Mt Gower and peer over the lay of the land and the water. You can also visit Lord Howe Island Museum, swim with the turtles by going on a marine adventure, go diving, take a cruise around the island, go fishing, enjoy a round of golf, or go on an environmental tour. With so many breathtaking things to see, you could easily spend weeks on Lord Howe exploring everything.

Remember to consider booking a private air charter with Global Jet while planning your trip to Lord Howe Island. Leave the travel to us so you can relax from the minute you step on the plane until your vacation time has to come to an end.