Air Charter to King Island

Air Charter to King Island

King Island is one of the islands that makes up the Australian state of Tasmania. It is located to the north west of the main island of Tasmania. If you’re planning a trip here, you’ll be happy to know that King Island has just as many fun activities to do and sights to see as Tasmania does. Not sure how to get there? Consider taking a private air charter with Global Jet to King Island to arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your vacation.

King Island Airport

To get to King Island, you will be flying into King Island Airport, which is near the town of Currie. It’s a small airport, which makes arriving by private air charter perfect. Global Jet will fly you to King Island Airport from anywhere within Australia.

What to Do While You’re on King Island

Once you get to King Island, you can start off relaxing by bird watching. There are 7 species of birds which can only be found on King Island, giving you a once in a lifetime experience. Another exciting adventure you can take is to explore and learn about all of the shipwrecks that have taken place around King Island. There have been over 60 shipwrecks in the island’s history, which may interest those who love maritime stories or the history of the sea.

Other attractions and activities on King Island include visiting the Cape Wickham Lighthouse, strolling around the calcified forest, go on a horseback trail ride, visit the King Island Rambles, go on a farm tour, visit the King Island Cultural Centre, visit King Island Dairy, go golfing on the King Island Golf Course, visit the King Island Nature Reserve, rent bikes and boards to travel around the island and much more. King Island is a sight to see due to its grassy terrain, which is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

Don’t forget, when you need to travel to King Island, Global Jet private air charters will ensure that you reach your destination in comfort and with ease. Step off the plane, breathe in the fresh air of King Island and know that you’re in a place where you can relax and unwind.