Air Charter to Kangaroo Island

Private Air Charter to Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the 3rd largest in Australia and in no time at all, you can get there quickly by booking a private air charter with Global Jet. Air travel is the only way to get to this popular tourist destination so if you plan on visiting, change your travel up a bit and check out all of the wonderful options that come with choosing a private air charter.

Airports on Kangaroo Island

To get to Kangaroo Island by air, you’ll need to fly into Kingscote Airport, which is the island’s largest city. Kingscote itself has many attractions and things to do, but remember, you also have a whole island to explore which offers many exciting adventures that are waiting for you.

Activities on Kangaroo Island

There are few things more relaxing than spending the day on the beach or swimming in the ocean. Kangaroo Island has plenty of safe swimming areas to choose from which include Stokes Bay, Emu Bay or Island’s Beach, which are all located on the north side of the island. You’ll want to stick to north coast waters for safety purposes as the southern waters have strong undertows and are usually only taken on by highly experienced swimmers.

There are quite a few outdoor activities to take part in when visiting Kangaroo Island. You can visit the Seal Bay Conservation Park and take guided tours to see the sea lions up close. Flinders Chase National Park is the perfect spot for camping if you truly want to make your excursion exclusively outdoors. This park is also home to the Remarkable Rocks and the lighthouses at Cape Borda. Additional things to do include the Kelly Hill Caves, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, Raptor Domain and the Kangaroo Island Penguins Centre.

For your next trip to Kangaroo Island, consider booking a private air charter with Global Jet. We fly to Kangaroo Island from anywhere in Australia and we invite you to experience the difference of reaching your travel destination via one of our private air charters.