Air Charter Flights to Tonga

Air Charter to Tonga

Are you ready to vacation on Tonga? If so, consider booking a private air charter with Global Jet to get you there. You’re also going to have to choose where in Tonga you’re planning to visit as this island nation is made up of 169 islands, though only 36 of them are inhabited. As you can imagine, with 36 inhabited islands, there’s plenty to do and see once you reach Tonga.

Tonga Airports

The main airport in the island nation of Tonga is Fua‘amotu International Airport, which is located on the main island of Tongatapu. There are other airports as well and Global Jet can help you reach your preferred destination. We fly to Tonga from anywhere within Australia, so booking your flight with us is easy as can be.

What to Do and See in Tonga

Once you arrive in Tonga, there’s no shortage of things to see and do. Since Tonga is an island nation, those that love the water and beaches will be pleasantly surprised. A few activities that are beach and water focused include Mapu’a a’ Vaea Blowholes, the Underground Swimming Pool, Ha’atafu Beach, Captain Cook’s Landing Place and Luahoko Robinson Island to name a few.

If spending the day in the sun and sand is not for you, there’s still plenty to do on Tonga. You can start by exploring Talamahu Markets, Ene’io Botanical Gardens, the Free Church of Tonga, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the Royal Tombs, Centenary Church, the Tonga National Cultural Centre, the Tonga Tourism Authority, Friend’s Tourist Centre, Reload Bar, Tonga Bob’s and Billfish Bar. Also, don’t forget to take part in the wonderful island food and drinks while you’re there!

Whether you’re visiting Tonga for the first time, or it’s your favourite vacation spot, remember to consider booking a private air charter with Global Jet. Travel in style and with ease so that when you reach Tonga, you’re rested and ready to explore this beautiful island nation.